First and foremost, YOU MUST FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR SUIT. A custom suit is made specifically for you. That's why we use our State-of-the-Art measurement technology -- to get it right!

Now that is out of the way, we'll get into what is comfortable;

The Right Length for the Jacket

It is easier to look boxy and heavy in a suit’s jacket if you are not careful about the length and fit. Remember, your jacket would not only add definition but would also balance your body shape. If you are around 5.9”, your jacket should ideally end just above your mid-crotch. If you are any taller, go for mid to lower length.

Shoulders Are Everything

If the shoulders don’t sit well on you the suit WILL NOT. Getting them customized later would be expensive as hell if possible at all. Ideally, the shoulders of your jacket should end right where they start curving down to your arm – even if you have rounder shoulders. Get some shoulders padding if you want your shoulders to look less round. Jacket’s shoulders should lay perfectly flat on your shoulders – no pulling, tugging, wrinkles or divots should be there.


Ditch the lame advice that you’d get the most when it comes to your jackets sleeves: your sleeve should hit the top of your hand. That’s total BS. Ideally, your jacket sleeve should end just ¼ inch above the top of your hand; that way your shirt sleeve would peek through a little. And, that’s the right look.


Close the top button while trying on a suit jacket: if it snuggles your mid-section lightly without feeling too constraint, it is the right fit.

How Should Your Suit Pants Fit?

There is nothing worse than a saggy dress pants – okay, this might be a little dramatic, but still. Your pants should fit around your waist perfectly without you needing any belt. Also, keep in mind that dress pants are meant to fit differently than your casual jeans or trousers. Your suit pants should hit high around the hip bone area or even a little higher. If they sit lower, it would ruin the look.